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Intelsat offers IPTV over satellite services
Broadcast Engineering

Apr 2, 2008 6:39 PM

Distribution platform supplier Intelsat now offers IPTV providers the ability to distribute programming via satellite. The service, Intelsat IPTV-powered, is sold on a wholesale basis to distributors and integrators that are launching new types of subscription services via IPTV. The company's end-to-end IPTV solutions can be customized to specific applications for anywhere in North America.

The IPTV distribution platform uses C-band capacity on two satellites in the Cable Arc, Galaxy 13 and Galaxy 23. DVB-S2 modulation is used to improve the efficiency of transponder throughput.

The company's Super Headend and uplink facilities are located at Intelsat's Mountainside Teleport. The Super Headend packages the acquisition, aggregation, encoding, formatting and encryption of licensed TV programming, re-encodes it in the MPEG-4 format and multiplexes and encapsulates it into IP streams for uplinking and delivery to the last-mile video service providers.

Using Intelsat's transponder capacity, companies such as Avail Media bring the required transport rights and a full range of products for content services delivered via telco, cable, satellite and streaming media to cost-effectively operate and be successful.

Avail's program delivery service offers IP service providers content rights, subscriber management, conditional access (CA) software, middleware and seamless integration with local and regional communities.

Jon Romm, COO of Avail Media, said his company's service sits on top of Intelsat's satellite platform and, via IP delivery architecture, provides a total ecosystem of content, system setup, distribution gateways to customer homes and more.

Romm said Avail offers various types of CA to nearly 40 clients and is not tied to any particular CA or set-top box deployment. The company helps its clients implement their own preferred architecture; Avail's software codes make it interoperable with everything in the market.

The use of packet-based IP systems and advanced compression like MPEG-4 has helped providers do things they never could before. They can now monitor client viewing habits, PC use and target ads for specific homes, which is valuable information to advertisers.

“IP lets us provide a perfectly addressable system,” Romm said. “We can layer on products and services that historically people have not been able to provide. It's really quite powerful for content providers and advertisers.”

With Avail's help, distributors and integrators can offer their last-mile providers a bouquet of more than 200 SD video and audio channels, with HD channels also available. The distributors and integrators are responsible for securing the necessary rights associated with the repackaging and delivery of the programming, although Intelsat has established relationships with companies that have precoordinated such rights.

Last-mile service providers who buy an Intelsat IPTV-powered solution are equipped with two receiving antennas that look at all Intelsat Cable Arc satellites, including those carrying Intelsat IPTV. Last-mile providers have the option (subject to securing necessary rights) to add programming from 350 channels distributed on these satellites to the Intelsat IPTV bouquet for local integration into their IPTV lineups.

For more information, visit http://www.intelsat.com/services/media/iptv-work.asp/

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